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Measure, don’t guess: a real-world benchmarking story

VDT24 Workshop

Campus EST USI/SUPSI, Via la santa 1, Lugano-Viganello
18.01.2024, dalle ore 13:00 alle 17:30

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This workshop is presented by Voxxed Days Ticino 2024


Title: Measure, don’t guess: a real-world benchmarking story

Presenters: Mario Fusco and Francesco Nigro

How many times have you implemented a clever performance improvement, and maybe put it in production, because it seemed the right thing™ to do, without even measuring the actual consequences of your change? And even if you are measuring, are you using the right tools and interpreting the results correctly? During this workshop we will use a real-world example, the new virtual threads friendly Jackson objects pool used in Quarkus, to demonstrate how through incremental steps we measured and improved its performances in a highly concurrent environment. We will illustrate how we used JMH for this purpose, explaining why it is the only reliable tool to be used when benchmarking Java applications, how to avoid the most common pitfalls and how to leverage its features to develop meaningful and useful benchmarks.

⇒ More information about the workshop and the speakers here


When & Where

Thursday 18th of January 2024

From 13:00 until 17:30

The workshop will take place at the Campus EST USI/SUPSI, Lugano 



200.- CHF

150.- CHF for ated associates

Coffee break included

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